downloadAbortion and African Americans : Let Our Babies Live

“I have set before you this day life and death, blessings and curses.  Choose life so that you and your children may live.” Deuteronmy 30:19

Elliott does not just understand the problem of abortion and the African American community. She, herself had an abortion at the age of 17, telling no one, believing it would have no affect on her. Abortion has a great affect on a woman, whether or not she admits this fact to be true. It is because of being forgiven by God, and learning how to forgive herself that Elliott now has a calling on her life to minister to post-abortive women. In 2012, her ministry will open one of only a few in the country, urban pregnancy crisis centers in the North East area of Wichita, KS. For many years Wichita was the capital for third-trimester abortions.

She is passionate about saving the lives of pregnant Mom’s and unborn babies. She speaks often at pro-life conferences and is writing a book about her journey into and out of the clutches of abortion.

TO REQUEST DR. ELLIOTT TO SPEAK AT YOUR ENGAGEMENT write to the following address:

Get involved.  Learn the facts about abortion and how it affects families and the community.  Invite Dr. Elliott to speak at your church, clubs and civic organizations. Encourage pastors to speak out on the issue.

What do you believe is the leading cause of death in the African American community?  Cancer? Diabetes?  Heart disease?  AIDS?  The leading cause of death in the African American community today is….

Blacks are being exterminated through abortion…Since the legalization of abortion, 1973, the leading cause of death in the African American community is ABORTION!!  We have aborted more babies than all deaths combined.

According to the U.S. Center of Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, the year of the Supreme Court Decision, Roe vs Wade, 15 million African American lives has been lost to abortion.  
Between abortion and black on black crime, we are exterminating ourselves as a people group. It’s time for black genocide to stop!!
We need your help to stop this atrocity!!.
Will you donate funds to the ministry for the opening of a pregnancy crisis center on the
north east side of Wichita?
Would you be willing to sponsor a fundraiser for the center? If so,  please call the number at the top of the page.  Would you donate finances? God bless you!!
 All services offered  will be Christ  centered. The center  will include the  following services:
 – pregnancy testing              – 4 D sonogram  – post abortive counseling to women and men
 – Bible studies for women and men    – baby items   – abstinence education
 – community outreach and education


What is needed to bring life back into the fathers in our families?
What is needed to bring life back into the mothers in our families?
What is needed to bring life back into the children of our families?
What is needed to bring life back into the life of our elders?
What is needed to bring life back to our unborn?

Encourage women facing unexpected pregnancy to seek help from a local crisis pregnancy center that cares about her and her baby.

Educate legislators about the devastating impact abortion is having on the African American community and hold them accountable for their votes on this issue.
Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center in your local area.
 Add pregnancy crisis centers to your prayer lists.
 Pray for the healing of father’s that have participated in a woman having an abortion
 Assist in financing pregnancy crisis centers and other prolife organizations and activities
 If you are post-abortive and need counseling, contact your local pregnancy crisis center.

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